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Terri Runyan



Terri Runyan '81 





“I am honored to give to the University of Northern Colorado. The University combines its rich history and traditions with an innovative and forward- looking culture  in order to provide superior education to students locally, nationally and internationally. For me, Bringing Education to Life demonstrates a philosophy I respect and support.”

John Schmidt



John Schmidt '84 





"I give to UNC because I’m proud and honored to be a part of an established institution with such a rich history. As an alum, it is important to me to support the future achievements of the UNC graduates and to continue our tradition of success in academics, athletics and beyond."

Stephen Shapiro



Stephen Shapiro '80






"I give to UNC in recognition of the personal growth I experienced there and the fundamentals I received for my life's journey."

Cheryl Wenzinger



Cheryl Wenzinger '72 
UNC Foundation Board of Directors





"You ask why I give? Help was there for me when I needed it. Now I want to pay that forward and help someone else every year. It feels so good!"

Rodney J. Esch



Rodney J. Esch ‘81 
President - UNC Foundation





"When I graduated from UNC, I left the university with a sound academic foundation. More importantly, I also left with an understanding of how to use the academic foundation. I believe that is what “Bringing Education to Life” means and I want to enable more people to get their career started in the same positive way."

Timothy K. Bradley



Timothy K. Bradley '80 
Investment Committee Chair - 
UNC Foundation Board of Directors





"It is all about the students and always has been; even back to the days when I attended the University."

Randy Watkins



Randy Watkins '99






"When I was a student here at UNC, I was just checking another box on the list of things you’re supposed to do in the journey to becoming a productive adult. I had no idea at the time, the impact that this university would have on my life. I am now a successful partner in a premier local CPA firm (hired by another very successful UNC Alum – Greg Anton), married to a wonderful woman that I met at UNC, and actively involved in a number of academic and athletic organizations at UNC. I maintain strong relationships with my professors, who have taken a sincere interest in my success. There are many reasons that I give to UNC, but most importantly, I want others to have the ability to enjoy the same experience I’ve had with UNC."