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An endowment creates a permanent legacy of support. Through endowments, philanthropy becomes a long-term investment in the programs and students at the University of Northern Colorado.  Endowment assets are invested and each year, a portion of the value of the fund is paid out to support the fund’s purpose.  Earnings in excess of distributions for purpose are used to build the endowment’s market value.  In this way, an endowment can grow and provide support in perpetuity.

Philanthropy through quasi-endowments is also a long-term investment.  This endowment form, however, is not permanent and is generally fully distributed within fifteen to twenty years.

We are abundantly grateful to the donors that have made these long-term investments in the University of Northern Colorado.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors has established a policy to direct the management of its endowments.  This policy can be seen using the link below.

UNC Foundation Endowment Policy