Chuck & Ann Henderson - Donor

Chuck was one of those “larger than life” individuals, and knew a number of people on campus. I was reserved and basically did not hang out in the same places as Chuck, but we did have some business courses together. Chuck was always very nice and polite, but with his big afro hair-do, he was a bit intimidating to me during college.

Chuck and Ann Henderson

Ann (McEvoy) Henderson’74 & ‘00
and Chuck Henderson ‘74

After college, Chuck and I were both hired as management trainees by what was then the 1 st National Bank of Denver. Chuck was in the lending department for the downtown bank and I was in operations for the affiliate banks, so it was not until a couple of years after graduation that we met again at the bank. He was involved with a group of peers from the credit department, dubbed the “Pit” or something similar. Eventually I was asked to join these nice, bright and capable individuals at FAC at Shaners, a bar across the street from the bank. This is where we renewed our acquaintance from our college time in Greeley. Chuck invited me to be his guest at a wedding in Greeley, and the rest is history.

Chuck and I have spent 29 years together. The good friends we have now—some of whom we consider family—were fraternity brothers, sorority sisters or classmates from UNC. We have other friends, but many of them also have ties to UNC through their undergraduate or master’s degrees. We feel very fortunate to have met these friends and have remained in close contact with them through the years.

We obviously make true the statement that opposites attract! We are very proud that our families have been very supportive of us. Our two dogs, Sophie and Tula, are our substitute children, and are happy to go with us when we travel to our other home in Arizona to relax in the sun and enjoy the desert. Together Chuck and I enjoy golf, travel and volunteering. We are golfers, although some would question that, and we have traveled throughout Europe and the United States. I continue to take classes at UNC.

We are blessed to live in Greeley and be part of the UNC community and try to give back as best we can, but truly feel we have received more than we will ever give to the UNC and Greeley communities.