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In 1966 one of Greeley’s most prominent leaders, Judy Farr, recognized the need for enhanced financial support for unmet needs at Colorado State College.  In an initiative led by Judy and other alumni and community leaders, the Colorado State College Foundation, now the UNC Foundation, was incorporated as a 501(C)3 for the purpose of promoting the general welfare, development and growth of the University of Northern Colorado. 

Since inception, the UNC Foundation has accrued nearly 100 million dollars in endowed and current-use assets through fundraising initiatives and investment growth.  With cornerstone values of integrity, accuracy, balance and partnership, the Foundation staff strives to achieve the following organizational objectives in support of the University:

  • Every donor will be delighted about giving to UNC;
  • We will be a trusted knowledge center for our stakeholders;
  • Every dollar will be maximized toward its purpose;
  • We will function as a cohesive team devoted to achieving our shared mission.

The Foundation has grown into a significant source of enhanced financial assistance, providing an annual average of more than $6.7M for scholarships, faculty support and program enhancements.  With more than 600 scholarship funds and 425 endowed funds, the Foundation joins UNC in a collaborative effort to support the University’s teaching, research and outreach priorities.

Foundation Impact - University Support
Over the past 10 years, the UNC Foundation has transferred nearly $77 million in program and scholarship support to the University. Of this nearly half was funded from endowed and quasi-endowed distributions. In FY2012-13, the Foundation transferred more than $3.9 million in program support and $2.9 million in scholarships to the University. Of this, $3.4 million was generated from endowed and quasi-endowed distributions.

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